How Do You Abbreviate Emergency Contact?

What does the abbreviation ER stand for?

Emergency RoomAcronymDefinitionEREmergency RoomERExtended-ReleaseEREarned Runs (baseball; pitching)ERError105 more rows.

What does EMS stand for in texting?

“Emergency Medical Service” is the most common definition for EMS on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. EMS.

What is the full form of EMS in account?

EMSAcronymDefinitionEMSEmergency Medical SystemEMSExecution Management SystemEMSEnergy Management SystemEMSEmergency Management Services197 more rows

What is ERs medical term?

Emergency Rooms. Emergency, Room, Care. Emergency, Room, Care. 2. ERs.

What does ER mean in UK?

Elizabeth ReginaER stands for Elizabeth Regina, Regina is Latin for Queen, and is the currant monarch’s Royal Cypher. It is sometimes displayed as E II R, meaning Elizabeth the second Regina.

What does the abbreviation EMS stand for?

Emergency Medical ServicesEMS – Emergency Medical Services. EMSA – Emergency Medical Services Authority (state level) Emergency Medical Services Agency (local level)

How do you abbreviate emergency room?

Definition of ’emergency room’ The abbreviation ER is often used.

What is short for mobile?

Internet Slang, Slang, Chat. 3. MO. Mobile.

What does EMS stand for in GTA?

Engine Management SystemOJSniff. 1 year ago. Or Engine Management System. Both are used to describe the same thing.

What is the abbreviation for immediately?

immedThere is one common abbreviation of immediately: immed.

What does ER mean in a text?

Emergency RoomER Definition / ER Means The definition of ER is “Emergency Room” or “Indicating hesitation”

What does ER mean for Queen Elizabeth?

ER noun [C usually singular] (THE QUEEN) abbreviation for Elizabeth Regina: Queen Elizabeth II.

What is the abbreviation for CONtact?

CONCONtact Governmental » NASARate it:CTcontact MiscellaneousRate it: