Question: Can I Share A Paid App With A Friend?

Can I share an app with a family member?


Go to the App Store or Google Play Store on the other person’s device.

Sign in with your Apple or Google account that you used to make the original purchase and download the app as normal..

Can you send an app to another phone?

On your old device Open the app, accept its terms, and grant it permission to access files on your device. Find the app you want to save and tap the three-dot menu icon beside it. Select “Share,” then select a destination you’ll be able to access on your other phone — like Google Drive or an email to yourself.

How do I share an ibook with a friend?

Here’s how:Tap the more (…) button beneath the cover image of the book you want to share.Tap Share book.In the share sheet, tap the method you want to use. For this example, we’ll use Mail.Add an address for the email message.Add your own text to the body of the message.Tap Send.Oct 31, 2018

How do I download music from home sharing to my iPhone?

Share music with Home SharingOn the iPhone with the music, tap Settings > Music.Scroll down to find Home Sharing.It may already show your Apple ID, in which you’re already signed in. … Repeat this process on the iPhone you want to listen to music on. … Open the Music app on the iPhone you want to listen to music on.More items…•Jul 19, 2019

How do I share apps between devices?

Find the app or game that you want to share and tap the three-dot menu icon in the top-right corner. Next, select “Share” from the menu. Android’s native share menu will open. You can either “Copy” the link and paste it in any messaging or social media app you want, or select an app to directly share it with.

Can you share a paid app?

Since the initial Google account that purchased these apps is now tied to this device, your family member will be able to rightfully install any app you’ve paid for. … Everyone will still have their own personal account data, but app purchases can be shared across all devices.

How do I share Apple paid apps with friends?

It works on both Android and Apple devices….iOS and OS X platformsGo to Settings > iCloud > Family, then tap your name.Under Family Purchases, review your account information.If you need to confirm the Apple ID that you want to share content from, enter your password. … Make sure that Share my purchases is on.Sep 29, 2016

Can I share a purchased app with a friend?

On your Android device, just open up the Android Market and select the app you want to share, then scroll down to “Share This Application” to either email, text or Facebook message it to someone. … You can choose to scan just apps from individual devices or simply all of them.

How do you give someone an app you bought?

AndroidOpen the Google Play Store app Play Store.Tap Menu and then “Send gift”Pick your gift (amount) and follow the onscreen instructions to buy and send your gift. (Google Play does this by amount rather than by product)Dec 19, 2016

Can I share an app with another iPhone?

With purchase sharing, you can give your family members access to each other’s apps, music, films, TV programmes and books. … You can then see and download your family members’ purchases from your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, Apple TV and PC, and enjoy them too.

What can family sharing See?

Share purchases, subscriptions, iCloud storage, and more When you set up purchase sharing, everyone in the family gets access to the apps, music, movies, TV shows, and books that family members buy. The content automatically appears on the Purchased page in the App Store, iTunes Store, Apple Books, or Apple TV app.

How do I share my iTunes with a friend?

Share your playlistsIn the iTunes app on your PC, create a playlist.Choose Music from the pop-up menu at the top left, then click Library.Select the playlist in the sidebar.Above the list of songs in the playlist, select “Publish on profile and in search.”

How do you share paid apps with family?

Head to Account > Family and touch the Sign up button.The Google Play family library promises to offer a simple method of sharing purchases.Add some or all of your purchases apps, games, movies, TV shows, and books to your family library.Add up to five others to your family.More items…•Aug 9, 2016

Can Family Sharing see my texts?

Answer: A: Family Sharing does not share messages, contacts, or other private info. … Family Sharing makes it easy for up to six people in your family to share each other’s iTunes, iBooks, and App Store purchases without sharing accounts.

Can you AirDrop app?

Airdrop for iOS is the Bluetooth equivalent for Android devices. … Just like you would send files between android devices via Bluetooth, you can also send files between iOS devices via Airdrop.

Why can’t I share an app on family sharing?

On your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch Go to Settings > [your name] > Family Sharing. … Tap Back in the upper-left corner to go back to Family Sharing. Tap Purchase Sharing and make sure that Share Purchases with Family is turned on.

How can I share apps through Bluetooth?

How to Send Apps Via BluetoothAccess your phone’s main menu. … Navigate to “Settings.” Choose the “Bluetooth” menu and enable it.Enter a pass code to use the Bluetooth setting. … Enable the Bluetooth setting on your other electronic device. … Enter the pass code on your other device. … Choose the app from the list of files to send via Bluetooth.More items…

Can I share my music library with family?

Click the Music icon in the upper right and you should see a drop-down list of various content. At the bottom, you’ll see the IDs for all available iTunes libraries on the network, allowing you to switch between them. You can share music, movies, and TV shows this way, but only on up to five connected devices.

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