Question: What Color Shoes Should Men Wear With A Blue Suit?

Is it OK to wear black shoes with a blue suit?

The important thing to remember is not all blue suits should be worn with black shoes.

If the blue suit color is too light or vibrant then the suit overall skews more casual, making it less appropriate to wear a shoe as formal as black..

Can you wear a blue suit to a wedding?

Yes, you can wear a blue suit to a wedding, as well as other formal events. When attending a wedding, men should wear a formal suit or tuxedo with matching pants, belt, button-down shirt, tie (or bowtie), and dress shoes. Men might also consider wearing accessories such as a dress watch or pocket square.

What color should your socks be with a suit?

Color can look out of place here, so the socks should be a neutral shade. Whether light or dark, shades of grey will provide a slight contrast to your suit. They will work well if your shoes are any shade other than black. For the most elegant look, black socks and black shoes will appear effortlessly understated.

Do you wear black or brown shoes with a navy suit?

The rule of thumb in men’s fashion is to match your shoes and belt. This also goes for the hue of your shoes and belt. A navy suit should pair with medium to dark brown shoes and belt. Meanwhile, a light blue suit can match with tan shoes and a belt.

What color dress goes well with a navy blue suit?

Really, just about all wedding colors will match. Our favorites, however, are the colors that really pop. So bright shades of coral, yellow, purple, mint, etc. Navy suits work particularly well if your bride as a fun palette in mind.

Should I wear black or brown shoes with a blue suit?

Brown shoes are more relaxed than black; and brown shoes with a navy suit is a classic combination to pull off. It’s essentially a fool-proof look, more casual than black but still smart enough to wear to work or other formal occasions.

What do you wear with a blue suit?

Simple Rules To Follow When Wearing A Blue SuitStick with a crisp white shirt or a lighter shade of pink or blue. … When it comes to ties the world is your oyster. … Both black and brown shoes can be worn with blue suits, and as for shoe styles, lace-ups or loafers are also fine.More items…•Jan 4, 2021

Should my socks match my shoes or pants?

Rule No. If you must match something, match your socks with your pants. When you match solid-colored socks to similarly colored shoes, it looks like you have on boots. But if you match solid-colored socks to similarly colored pants (and have a contrasting shoe hue) then it just looks like you have longer legs.

Do brown shoes go with navy suit?

The Best Shoe Combinations: Navy Suit – Brown shoes of any shade. Blue Suit – Light brown and tan. Grey Suit – Light or dark brown, black, burgundy or oxblood shoes. Charcoal Suit – Dark brown, burgundy, oxblood or black shoes.

Can you wear a blue suit to a formal wedding?

For a Formal wedding, dark suits (ex. black, charcoal grey, midnight blue) are most appropriate.

Do you wear silver or gold with navy?

When you wear navy jeans and a shirt in warm tones like orange, cream and brown, wear gold accessories. Navy jeans paired with cooler tones such as violet, pink or green are flattered by silver accessories. When you want to dress up navy jeans, use gold accessories.

Is it OK to wear black shoes with navy pants?

Can you wear black shoes with a navy suit or, in this case, pants? Of course! There’s nothing more classic than a pair of blue or navy pants styled with black shoes. Blue pants are classic, black shoes are classic, and when brought together the two create a refined, polished look.

What color shoes do you wear with a blue suit?

navy shoesThe shoes that go best with a blue suit are navy or white. Ground a blue suit with navy shoes for a sophisticated tonal look that still feels relaxed. White provides fresh contrast when worn with blue, and looks clean and crisp enough for the workplace.

What color shoes go with navy blue?

The colors that go with navy blue are golden, silver, black, brown, or pink shoes. You can settle for coral, grey, or olive-grey shoes too! Try to keep the contrast. You can wear navy blue shoes with a navy blue dress also.

What color socks do you wear with a blue suit?

When talking about suits, wear your black socks with medium or dark blue suits, and medium or dark brown shoes. Neutral colors such as shades of white, beige, but also darker colors such as shoes of grey or khaki can go with blue suits. The lighter neutrals are usually paired with light blue suits.

Should you wear black shoes with navy suit?

That’s right, brown or black shoes with a navy suit can even look great on a date, if you’re going for a dapper look and dressing to impress! Black shoes are versatile too, so you can wear them with almost anything in your closet.

Can you wear brown shoes with dark blue suit?

Black shoes used to be considered more appropriate to wear with navy and blue suits in work settings. But sartorial rules have changed, and most offices don’t require suits at all anymore. It is now perfectly acceptable to wear brown shoes with navy and blue suits for all occasions.

What color shirt goes well with a blue suit?

A white shirt is a failsafe option to pair with a blue suit and always creates a classic look. A pale blue shirt makes a surprisingly good pair to a blue suit and creates a neat contrast. For a contemporary and semi-formal style wear your blue suit with a pink shirt.

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