Question: What Should You Not Do During A Bomb Threat?

What are the damages of the bomb causes?

The damage to man-made structures caused by the bombs was due to two distinct causes: first the blast, or pressure wave, emanating from the center of the explosion, and, second, the fires which were caused either by the heat of the explosion itself or by the collapse of buildings containing stoves, electrical fixtures, ….

What is not a characteristic of a suspicious package?

Packages misaddressed or sent to a generic title instead of to someone in your household or office. Excessive stamp postage as opposed to metered postage. Odd markings such as “Personal”, “Confidential” or “Do not x-ray”. A strange odor escaping the package.

What are the types of evacuations when managing a bomb incident?

Four Types of EvacuationsStay in Place. The first type of evacuation is known as stay in place and is used during a chemical or biological attack. … Building Evacuation. The second type of evacuation is a building evacuation. … Campus Evacuation. The third type of evacuation is a campus evacuation. … City Evacuation.

What to do if there’s a bomb threat?

If it appears to be a suspicious item, follow these procedures:Remain calm.Do NOT touch, tamper with, or move the package, bag, or item.Notify authorities immediately: … Follow instructions. … If no guidance is provided and you feel you are in immediate danger, calmly evacuate the area. … Be aware.

What do you do in an explosion?

During an ExplosionGet under a sturdy table or desk if things are falling around you. … Do not use elevators.Stay low if there is smoke. … Check for fire and other hazards.Once you are out, do not stand in front of windows, glass doors or other potentially hazardous areas.More items…•Feb 18, 2021

What does Bomb Scare mean?

: a situation in which people are afraid because someone says that a bomb is going to explode.

What bombing means?

verb. bombed; bombing; bombs. Definition of bomb (Entry 2 of 2) transitive verb. 1 : to attack with or as if with bombs : bombard The planes successfully bombed their target.

What color code is a bomb threat?

Code blackCode black most often indicates a bomb threat. Code black may be activated if there has been a threat made to the facility from an internal or external source, or if staff or law enforcement officials have identified a possible bomb in or near the facility.

How are bomb threats normally delivered?

Bomb threats are threats usually delivered by phone but can and have been delivered via mail, notes left at the scene, email and even given in person. In most cases, bomb threats are designed to disrupt everyday operations and do not result in bombs being found.

Do and don’ts during bomb threat?

Do’s and Don’ts in the event of a bomb threat should constitute a major point of focus in all awareness programmes. Always keep an eye out for suspicious objects. Notice your surrounding for anything out of place. Evacuate everyone immediately to a safe distance.

Why is using a cell phone or radio prohibited during a bomb threat?


What is considered a bomb threat?

A bomb threat is generally defined as a threat to detonate an explosive or incendiary device to cause property damage, death, or injuries, whether or not such a device actually exists. Most bomb threats are received by phone. Bomb threats are serious until proven otherwise.

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