Quick Answer: What Do The Lokai Bracelet Colors Mean?

Do Lokai bracelets break easily?

8 answers.

They will break rlly easily if they are too big for you.

I got the water lokai in medium, and it broke within a month.

They break easily if you like to play with it a lot but it should be fine if you don’t ..

Which arm should a man wear a bracelet?

Choosing a wrist to wear the bracelet – While there is no hard and fast rule about which wrist to wear a bracelet, they are traditionally worn on your dominant hand’s wrist. It’s best to wear it on the wrist opposite your watch to avoid scratching your watch.

How do you clean a Lokai bracelet?

The Lokai bracelets turn foggy and tallow after some time, and when that happens, you should clean the bracelet. Now, to make sure that you don’t damage the bracelet in the process, you should clean it using warm water and soap for some time, then rinse it off well after.

Are Lokai bracelets really filled with water and mud?

Lokai bracelets are made of silicone (noticing a theme here) and have a white and a black bead: supposedly, the white bead contains water from Mount Everest, and the black bead contains mud from the Dead Sea. … In fact, different colored bracelets benefit different charities.

Do Lokai bracelets actually have water from Mount Everest?

Lokai bracelets are actual bracelets that are made of beads that come in different colors. According to the Lokai website, these bracelets contain water from Mt. Everest in the white bead and mud from the Dead Sea in the black bead.

What does the blue Lokai mean?

About lokai: Everest and mud from The Dead Sea – the highest and lowest points on earth – the bracelet reminds its wearer to remain humble during life’s highs and hopeful through its lows.

What does a white bead bracelet mean?

Like white dresses that represent cleanliness and purity, the white bead bracelets are meaningful, and they represent (and promote) honesty, sincerity, cleanliness, and purity.

Does Lokai actually donate?

$8 Million Donated to Charity We believe giving back brings balance, so Lokai donates 10% of net profits to charity.

What’s so special about Lokai bracelets?

Lokai bracelets carry elements from the highest and lowest points on earth – water from Mt Everest in the white bead, representing the high points in life, and mud from the Dead Sea in the black bead, signifying the difficult moments.

Yes, Lokai bracelets are still popular. A creation of Steven Izen, Lokai bracelets were designed to fill the gap created in the world of the inspirational rubber bracelets after the infamous Lance Armstrong.

Are Lokai bracelets for guys?

Do guys wear Lokai bracelets? Guys wearing Lokai bracelets. … While most of the people who wear them are females, a lot of professional athletes and actors wear these bracelets.

Does Lokai replace broken bracelets?

Every Lokai bracelet comes with a one-time replacement warranty. … If your bracelet breaks and it was purchased from an authorized retailer or received as a gift, please contact us with a picture of your broken bracelet and your shipping address. We will respond to your message as soon as possible.

Can a Lokai bracelet get wet?

Never miss a Moment @h0nor Yup, your lokai is 100% waterproof!

Are Lokai bracelets stretchy?

They don’t stretch much. You have to roll them on and off not stretch them over your hand like a hair tie or youll break em. They’re silicon no elastic.

What does the word Lokai mean?

The name lokai was inspired by the Hawaiian word Lokahi meaning unity and to blend opposites. Lokai is our unique pursuit of finding a mental balance.

What does the black Lokai bracelet mean?

Black & White Lokai. This dual set of bracelets carries elements from the highest and lowest points on Earth, reminding you to find balance – staying humble during life’s highs and hopeful during the lows. We believe that giving back brings balance.

What does the camo Lokai bracelet mean?

A white Camo Lokai bracelet should remind us of our humble origin. It should help us stay modest even when we reach the top of the world. This is a very beautiful and powerful symbol, meant to keep us on the right track. The black beads contain mud from the Dead Sea, coming from the lowest point on Earth.

Are Lokai bracelets good luck?

Mud from the Dead Sea in the black bead, water from Mt Everest in the white bead: the highest and lowest points on earth. So whether you’re on top of the world or just down on your luck, the live lokai bracelet reminds you to stay humble, hopeful to always move forward.

Can you sleep with a Lokai bracelet?

You’re not supposed to feel any different wearing these bracelets. The black and white beads are for symbolism. Wear it all day! Sleep with it.