Quick Answer: Why Am I Not Getting Text Message Notifications On My IPhone?

Why is my phone not notifying me when I get text messages?

Go to Settings > Sound & Notification > App Notifications.

Select the app, and make sure that Notifications are turned on and set to Normal.

Make sure that Do Not Disturb is turned off..

How do I fix my text messages not showing up?

How to fix messaging on your Android phoneGo into your home screen and then tap on the Settings menu.Scroll down and then tap on the Apps selection.Then scroll down to the Message app in the menu and tap on it.Then tap on the Storage selection.You should see two options at the bottom: Clear data and Clear cache.Apr 1, 2021

Why are my messages not showing up on my screen?

Welcome to Android Central! Go to Settings>Apps, select the messaging app, then Notifications, and look for an option to change the notification behavior — this can be modified for individual conversation threads. Make sure the behavior is set to Make Sound and Pop On Screen.

Why is my phone not notifying me when I get text messages IOS 14?

Show on lock screen setting: If you keep missing notifications on your lock screen, then make sure that the “Show on Lock Screen” setting is toggled on. You can find the same under Settings > Notifications > Messages.

Why does my iPhone 11 not notify me when I get a text?

We see you are having an issue with notification settings on your iPhone, it is important to get notified for all your text. If your iPhone has Face ID there is a feature called “Attention Aware Features” make sure it is turned off, and under Settings>Messages>Filter Unknown Senders is “OFF” too.

Can send texts but not receive them?

Update your preferred texting app. Updates often resolve obscure issues or bugs that may prevent your texts from sending. Clear the text app’s cache. Then, reboot the phone and restart the app.

How do I get my text messages to show up on my iPhone?

You can adjust whether your device displays text messages on the lock screen by tapping “Settings” and then “Notifications.” Tap “Messages” and then tap the ON/OFF toggle to the right of “View in Lock Screen” until ON appears if you want to display text messages on the lock screen.

How do I turn on text message notifications?

ProcedureOpen Android Messages.Tap the contact that has this icon displayed.Tap the three stacked dots in the upper right-hand corner.Tap People & options.Tap Notifications to toggle on and off.

Why is my iPhone not making a sound when I get a text from one person?

Go to Contacts > the contact > Edit and then the ringtone or text tone and change it from None to a tone. Have you checked in Settings > Messages > Blocked to see if that person has been tagged in there?

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