What Is A Dendrophile?

What is Aesthete mean?

affecting sensitivity to the beautiful: one having or affecting sensitivity to the beautiful especially in art..

What does it mean to Sonder?

sonder, noun: the realization that each random passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own.

What is Agathokakological?

: composed of both good and evil.

How do you use Dendrophile in a sentence?

A passionate dendrophile, he talks about the characteristics of different trees as if describing people. A dendrophile like me finds it hard to comprehend how anyone could want to cut down a tree. In Hollywood, an orchard town at the time, dendrophiles fought to protect peppers and eucalypts from city engineers.

What is Solivagant?

: rambling alone : marked by solitary wandering.

What is a Quaintrelle?

Filters. (obscure) A woman who emphasizes a life of passion expressed through personal style, leisurely pastimes, charm, and cultivation of life’s pleasures. noun.

What does Nefelibata mean?

cloud walkerNefelibata. Definition: A cloud walker. An individual who lives in the clouds of her own imagination or dreams. A person who doesn’t abide by the rules of society, literature, or art.

What do you call a person who love nature?

Naturalists are people who love nature in it’s original unbridled form with no human interference.

What is Philocalist?

Philokalist or Philocalist literally means “lover of beauty” (Greek roots phil- + kalos). The term may refer to: A pen name of Felix Wierzbicki. An author or a follower of Philokalia, a guidance for Eastern Orthodox monks.

Who is a vagabond person?

: a person who wanders from place to place without a fixed home : one leading a vagabond life especially : vagrant, tramp. vagabond. adjective. Definition of vagabond (Entry 2 of 3) 1 : moving from place to place without a fixed home : wandering.

What are nature lovers called?

Lover of nature is called nature lover or Green Panther. … Dendrophile is a person who loves trees and forests. Petrichor is an earthy smell that follows a rainfall.

Who is a nature lover?

By definition, a “nature lover” is someone who thrives on spending time in the outdoors and observing wild animals and plants. But there’s more to spending time in nature than just stepping outside.

What is a lover of forests called?

It means someone with a love or fondness for forests, woods, or woodland scenery, or someone who often visits them – a ‘haunter’ of woods. … The word derives from the Greek ‘nemos,’ grove, and ‘philos,’ affection.

What do you call a person who appreciates the little things?

The adjective appreciative (“Showing appreciation or gratitude”) may apply, but is somewhat nondescript and general. … The adjectives epicurean (“pursuing pleasure, especially in reference to food or comfort”) and hedonistic (“Devoted to pleasure; epicurean”) may apply but are slightly pejorative.

How do you use Aesthete?

Aesthete in a Sentence 🔉The art museum invited many art lovers to the opening, including a local aesthete. … The job description for curator called for applicants who were considered to be an aesthete. … The aesthete obtained box tickets to the opera.More items…

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